Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Funny Kiddies

  • I was getting after your sisters about, well, who knows what, and after an exasperated sigh and forehead rub, you looked at me, shrugged your shoulders, and said "kids will be kids."
  • Daddy was making a bed for you guys on the floor for a family sleepover, and I asked Daddy not to use your fleece blanket, because you guys always wake up with "rats nests" in your hair when you sleep on top of fleece blankets.  You asked "What's a rats nest?", so I explained that it's when your hair gets knotted up and ratted in the back while you sleep.  The next morning, after the sleepover, you came down to breakfast last.  You were rubbing the sleep from your eyes, and yawning, when you looked over at Reese next to you, and leaned back to get a good look at her matted hair said "Huh. So that's a Pig's Nest."
  • "Does ham come from a turkey?"
  • During a Saturday night prayer, after learning that the next morning was church, (which means waking up early): "Please bless we won't be cranky in the morning...which we will be anyways."
  • At breakfast, after offering you Kix or Cheerios you grumbled "Don't we have any junky cereal?!"
  • Every now and then I will give you each a spray bottle of water and a rag and have you clean the chairs, walls, whatever.  I looked up and you weren't cleaning, but instead making a "Do Not Slip On The Water" sign.  Safety first!
  • Before school one morning, after having to wake you at least 3 times, you cried "Can't you give us one wink of sleep!"
  • Another morning before school-Me: "What would you like for breakfast?" E: "How about some more sleep."  Clearly not a morning person.
  • "Can I take my bowl of cereal upstairs, because I am playing PBS Kids and I do NOT want to waste technology."
  • "I don't want to go to the store.  It takes too freakishly long."
  • Calling Ginger Ale Gingerbread.
  • I had put you guys to bed, and was cleaning up for the night, when I heard crying coming from your room.  I came up and listened from the door, and you and Ellie were talking about how much you loved each other, and how you never want to leave each other, and what great sisters you were, all the while tears were streaming down both your cheeks.  It was one of the sweetest moments of your lives that I can remember.
  • I was wearing a green shirt, and handed you a green Popsicle.  You smiled, pointed to the Popsicle and said "Just like you!"
  • When daddy gets home from work, he barely has time to take his coat off before you are pulling him upstairs to change into basketball shorts and shoot hoops with you.  You lead him right to his closet, and once he's changed you point to your orange basketball shorts, then to daddy's basketball shorts and say "Just like me!"
  • You were in bed with us one morning, playing with my hair and whispering to daddy, when Taytum came in and you said "Good morning Tay!  Awe, you're so cute!"
  • You call coins circles.
  • You walked past me in the hall with an handful of cars and a small Little People oven from sisters dollhouse.  You looked at me, smiled and said "I cooking cars!"
  • Calling bumblebees buzzybees
  •  Another morning Taytum came down to breakfast and you said "Good morning beautiful!
  •  Calling Chili Jelly Beans
  • You had a stuffy nose one morning, and you grabbed my face, and while sniffing said "Mom, look at my nose.  It's all sniffy!"
  • I poured you a cup of milk and you asked me "Was that easy as pie mom?"
  • Telling daddy to "Have a lovely day!"
  • I ask you "Are you handsome?" and you say, "No, I just Beck!"
  • You love Peppa Pig so much, that you've started speaking with a little bit of a British accent.  You were looking at my mirror and said "It's a bit tricky." in a perfect British accent. 
  • You call chocolate chips marshmallow chips.
  • Calling Jack-o-lanterns Jacket Lanterns
  • "Mom, I know what a football is made of...pink shrimp skins."
  • You called me into the bathroom, saying you couldn't go.  I told you to just wait a minute, and you shrugged and said "Mom, sometimes poop just isn't very familiar." 
  • There a little boy you're always talking about named Michael.  He's in your preschool class and in our ward.   One day, right before Valentines Day, you plopped down on the couch next to me, looked up at me and said with a sigh: "Well, Michael has a crack on me."
  • You and Sadie were watching YouTube videos of One Direction (heaven help me) and Sadie said "Let's marry them Taytum!" You said "Yeah!!" then got a crestfallen look on your face and said "Wait, I can't.  I have to marry my dad."

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Shannon said...

I sure love your posts. Your kids are so incredibly adorable!!